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Some people especially Mayas thought that the earth will destroyed because the sun will turn off.
But this prediction discovered a lot of years ago. And all the scientist say that's false.
However I think that in the future the earth will destroyed because now there is a lot of polution and this is very damage for the earth.
Therefore the Maya's prediction it's only a prediction. But yes, the earth will destroyed in a lot of years.

First Marge was jeleaous because Homer was the fun dad their family and he always was with Bart and Lisa. Marge was tired of this situation. She decided to have Bart and Lisa to a Religious Games Convention. They weren't happy and later Marge went to a strange restaurant.
Bart and Lisa loved the relationship with his moter. And they had food in a lot of restaurants.
One day Marge told Homer that that night they had a food in an important restaurant. So marge lied to Homer and he said dinner was in a strange house. 
Then Marge was sorry, she decided to visit Homer and tell him she was sorry.


This video is my favourite because Tomorrowland is the biggest and the most amazing festival in the world.
Is celebrate in Belgium 24 and 25th of July.

 2: At the supermarket:

Carles goes at the supermarket to buy carrots. He asks a supermarket assistant and the he goes to the cash register to pay. 
Asking for a product:
Supermarket assistant: How may I help you?
Carles: Can you tell me where the carrots are, please?
Supermarket assistant: Of course.
All vegetables are in aisle 14.
Carles: Thanks.
At the cash register:
Supermarket assistant: Good morning. How are you?
Carles: I'm realy well, thanks
Supermarket assistant: Have you got the customer card?
Carles: Yes, I do. Here you are
Supermarket assistant: Thank you. That'll be 14 pounds.
Carles: Here you are.
Supermarket assistant: And here's your visa
Carles: Thanks.
Supermarket assistant: Have a good mornig.
Carles: You too. Bye Bye.
There's the link:


Avicii (Moises Perez )comes to Australia an he comes to my house becouse he is an exchange student and I show my house to Avicii because he has to live with us for some days:

Carles: Hello, I'm Mr Smith and she is Mrs Smith
Moisés: Hello, I'm Avicii
Carles: Nice to meet you
Moisés: Nice to meet you too.
Carles: Let's see our house
Moisés: Ok it's a beautiful house.
Carles: Ok, we are downstairs. On the right is the kitchen.
Moisés. Ok
Carles: On the left is the lounge.
Moisés: Oh it's very beautiful and big
Carles: Thank you. Next on the right it's the dining room and at the end of the corridor there is the toilet.
Moisés: Ok that's downstairs but what do you have upstairs?
Carles: Let's go upstairs and see it.
Moisés: Ok
Carles: On the left we have my bedroom. On the right we have the bathroom and next on the right we have your room that's next to my son's room.
Moisés: Oh it's a big room i like it, i'll sleep very well.
Moisés: I have some questions: Can i watch the tv in my room?
Carles: Oh why not?
Moisés: Do I have a timetable?
Carles: Yes you have a timetable: you have to get up at 6:30 because you have to have a shower and be at the kitchen at 7 o'clock to have breakfast. You have to be at home at 6 o'clock pm to have dinner and if you want to go out, you have to be at home before midnight.
Moisés: Ok no problem.

My name is Moisés Pérez.
I'm form Terrassa in Barcelona.
There's lots of great Spanish food that you can try.

For breakfast, you should have some milk.
You should also try cereals.

For lunch or dinner, you should try Fideua, dish of noodles and seafood.
You should also have rice and egg.

For sweet treat, you culin. With milk, eggs and sugar.
You should also try yoghoit.


I watched 127 hours last weekend.
It's a drama film and It's an autobiography. It takes place in the past.
My opinion of the music is good. I like soundtrack.
My favourite actor is James Franco, the main character. The best part of the film is when he broke his arm. He was trapped in a rock.